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Glossary X

X-ray analysis Understanding Chiropractic Techniques (Hybrid School Guidance) Decoding Hybrid Schools: Chiropractic Terminology Simplified X-ray imaging A diagnostic tool that uses radiation to produce images… Read More »Glossary X

Glossary W

Waiting area Chiropractic Careers: Hospital Vs. Clinic (Hybrid School) Web-based curriculum Educational materials and courses delivered through the internet. Chiropractic Education: On-Site Vs. Online (Hybrid… Read More »Glossary W

Glossary V

Validity The degree to which a test or assessment accurately measures what it is intended to measure. Understanding Accreditation in Hybrid Schools (Crucial) Grades vs… Read More »Glossary V

Glossary U

Ultrasound therapy A therapy that uses high-frequency sound waves to promote healing and reduce pain. Techniques in Chiropractic (Hybrid School Choices) Choosing Chiropractic: Clinical Vs.… Read More »Glossary U

Glossary T

Tailored assessments Assessments that are customized to the specific needs and abilities of individual students. Understanding College Prep in Hybrid Schools (Essential) Understanding Hybrid Schools:… Read More »Glossary T

Glossary S

Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT) A chiropractic technique that focuses on the relationship between the sacrum and the occiput (base of the skull). Chiropractic Vs. Osteopathy… Read More »Glossary S

Glossary R

Radiographic interpretation Analysis of radiographic images to identify abnormalities or diagnose conditions. Hybrid Chiropractic School: X-Ray Vs. MRI Radiology technology Use of medical imaging technologies… Read More »Glossary R

Glossary Q

Quality assurance The practice of ensuring quality and consistency in products or services. Chiropractic Education: On-Site Vs. Online (Hybrid School) Understanding Accreditation in Hybrid Schools… Read More »Glossary Q

Glossary P

Paid advertising Choosing Chiropractic: Clinical Vs. Private Practice Pain management The medical specialty focused on reducing or eliminating pain in patients. Choosing Your Chiropractic Path:… Read More »Glossary P

Glossary O

Objective measurement of student performance Grades vs Mastery: Hybrid School Evaluation (Explained) One-on-One Teacher Conferences Meetings between a teacher and a student to discuss academic… Read More »Glossary O

Glossary N

National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE) exams Standardized exams for chiropractic licensure and certification. How can I become a chiropractor in Texas? Choosing Between Chiropractic… Read More »Glossary N

Glossary M

Machine learning algorithms Machine learning algorithms – Algorithms used to analyze data and make predictions or decisions, often used in educational technology. Hybrid School: Understanding… Read More »Glossary M

Glossary L

Lab Workshops Hands-on learning experiences in a laboratory setting. Hybrid Learning: Flipped Classroom (Explained in Detail) Lack of immediate feedback from teachers and peers The… Read More »Glossary L

Glossary K

Kinesiology taping A technique that involves applying tape to the skin to support muscles and joints and improve movement and function. Chiropractic Vs. Podiatry (Hybrid… Read More »Glossary K

Glossary J

Jigsaw technique A cooperative learning strategy in which students work together to master a topic and then teach it to others. Hybrid Learning: Flipped Classroom… Read More »Glossary J

Glossary H

Hands-on activities Learning activities that involve physical manipulation of materials to explore concepts in various subjects. STEM vs STEAM in Hybrid Schools (Demystified) Hands-On Experiments… Read More »Glossary H

Glossary G

Gait analysis The study of human walking and running patterns to identify abnormalities and potential causes of injury. Exploring Chiropractic Careers: Therapist Vs. Researcher Gait… Read More »Glossary G

Glossary F

Face-to-face instruction In-person teaching and learning. Hybrid Schooling: Online vs In-Person Sessions (Clarified) Hybrid School: Understanding Student-Centered Learning (Core) Hybrid Schools: Self-Paced Learning (What It… Read More »Glossary F

Glossary E

Early college credit Earning college credits while still in high school through advanced coursework or exams. College Credits in High School: Hybrid Schools (Explained) Early… Read More »Glossary E

Glossary D

Dashboards Hybrid Schooling: Understanding Learning Management Systems (LMS) Data analysis The process of examining data to identify patterns, trends, and insights. Hybrid Learning: Standardized Tests… Read More »Glossary D

Glossary C

Capstone projects A culminating project or assignment that demonstrates a student’s mastery of a subject or skill. Understanding the Capstone Project in Hybrid Schools (Essential)… Read More »Glossary C

Glossary B

Background check and drug screening “Choosing Your Hybrid School: Chiropractic Vs. Dental”. Back pain Pain in the back, often caused by injury or poor posture.… Read More »Glossary B

Glossary A

Academic accountability The responsibility of students, teachers, and schools to ensure academic success and progress, often measured by grades, test scores, and other performance indicators.… Read More »Glossary A